Billing Dam – please contact fishery for details, see new website link below

West Yorkshires Premier Carp Fishery

This water covers only about 2 acres. The water is quite deep with enough places to cater for 15 anglers. The water is quite deep with depths of over 10 feet in most places.

Directions – From the centre of Leeds take the A65 out towards Rawdon looking for the A658 about 5 miles out of the centre of Leeds. You need then to look for the A658 – near to Horsforth Round a bout with a right turn on to Over Lane follow this road until you see the Emmott Arms then turn the first left and follow the road down and you cannot miss the fishery.

Billing Dam Fly Fishery
West Yorkshire

9 thoughts on “Billing Dam – please contact fishery for details, see new website link below

  1. Steve T

    I have fished billing on a regular basis for a number of years,unfortunately due to medical problems (but that,s another storey)I was unable to fish much last year.Last week i was persueded by my wife to go up to Billing for a few hours and see how I went on.CLOSED.Imagine how I felt! After a couple of days my wife aksed why I didn,t go up to the garage,also owned by the owners of Billing,to see If or when it was going to open.I was told it isn,t.As of next year it will become a carp fishery.

    1. Bob

      Oh no, another fly fishing venue lost :-(. Thanks for the update Stephen, hope things are improving on the medical front and you manage to find a replacement venue (or fancy a stab at carp fishing!)

  2. Steve T

    Thanks for your comments Bob.I,m getting there.
    Went upto Fewston last week, bank top, cold and blowing a bloody gale.Hopefully it will improve as the weather does and the water level drops.,

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