Leighton fishing well!

Roundhay Fly Fishers stalwarts Kev, Lenny and Andy paid a visit to Leighton reservoir over the weekend and by all accounts had a cracking day. Seeing as I am struggling to find time to go fishing at the moment I may as well live my life through others and blog about their exploits. Put it this way, I have a little membership booklet for a fishing club that cost me ยฃ400 to join, just sat on my shelf gathering dust! Not that I’m complaining, it’s all for good reasons. Anyway, the guys caught 31 fish between them – Andy had 9 fish with the best weighing in at around 9 1/2 lb


Kev had 15 rainbows with his best going 10 1/2 lb


Lenny had 7 fish with the biggest at 5 1/2 lb of which there is no picture unfortunately. I have however painstakingly pieced together the scene of what I believe Len may have looked like holding his fish using the latest in photo editing software and my years of expertise in this kind of arena.


It’s a few years since I fished Leighton but I always rather liked it there and it’s always been well stocked but that really is a cracking result for a day’s fishing.

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